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Data analysis session at León

On the 12-13 January members of the EVALUATE research team carried out a data analysis session on the 20+ Virtual Exchanges that took place in the winter semester 2017. The aim of our European Project Experiment is to identify the impact of telecollaborative exchange on students of Initial Teacher Education.

Second EVALUATE Teacher Training Workshop: León 2018

Teacher trainers from around Europe and beyond took part in the second EVALUATE teacher training workshop at the University of León, Spain on 11-12 January 2018. These teachers worked with their teaching partners as well as members of the project team to prepare their Virtual Exchange projects for this term.

Sign up for the León Teacher Training Workshop

All the information about the second EVALUATE teacher training workshop on telecollaboration in teacher education is now available on this website. If you would like to attend the workshop and run an exchange with your students in the spring term 2018, complete the registration form. This workshop for educators working in Inital Teacher Education will […]

Second Training Workshop for teacher trainers: León, Spain

Come and attend a free teacher training workshop about telecollaboration in Initial Teacher Education in León, Spain. The EVALUATE project is offering a second Teacher Training Workshop at the Universidad de León, Spain on 11 & 12 January 2018. This workshop is intended for teacher trainers working in higher education who are interested in taking part in the EVALUATE […]

EVALUATE at the EAIE 2017 conference in Seville

The EVALUATE project was well disseminated at the recent EAIE conference in Seville, Spain. The EAIE conference is the biggest conference in international education in Europe and there were over 6,500 people attending this year. Our project was presented in two presentations which were attended by over 150 participants and was also described in an […]

Teacher Trainers: Involve your students in a Virtual Exchange in the spring semester 2018

Do you work in inital teacher education? Would you like to give your students first-hand experience in communicating and collaborating online with classes of students from other countries? If so, the EVALUATE project  will help you to engage your students of teacher education in Virtual Exchange projects with partner classes in other countries. Read how […]

EVALUATE Teacher Training workshop in Padova, Italy

The EVALUATE project team held a productive 2-day workshop in Padova in July with a group of teacher trainers who will be running telecollaborative exchanges with their students this winter semester. The participants received an introduction to telecollaboration and also had a chance to collaborate online with their partner-teachers.      

Presenting EVALUATE in Brussels

The EVALUATE project was presented at the Kick-off meeting for European Policy Experimentation projects in Brussels on 23 March 2017. The project was represented by Pilar Garcés (Junta de Castilla y León) Rafael de Paz (International Project Office, University of León) and Robert O’Dowd (Project coordinator). The presentation about our project can be seen here: […]

EVALUATE Teacher-Training Event Padova, Italy 5-7 July

EVALUATE is currently organising a series of telecollaborative exchange projects between classes of student-teachers in universities around Europe. If you are a teacher-trainer in Europe and you are interested in engaging your class in a telecollaborative exchange project with partner-classes, you might be interested in attending this teacher-training workshop on Telecollaboration for Teacher-Education at the […]

EVALUATE kick-off meeting in León, Spain

The kick-off meeting of the EVALUATE project took place in León, Spain on 16-17 February 2017. The meeting was reported on widely in the local press. Two articles about our meeting can be found in ileón and in Leonoticias.