EVALUATE as an example of the symbiosis between research and policy making in Spain

On the September 7th 2018 at the Opening ceremony of the University of León, the Minister of Education for the Junta de Castilla y León in Spain, D. Fernando Rey Martínez, mentioned the EVALUATE project as an example of collaboration between research and policy making. Here is an extract from his speech (translated from Spanish):

“I consider this University as an example of good practices in Education. The Faculty of Education shows a great potential with a young and passionate staff that is brining innovation to the classrooms. The teaching training programmes are focused on digitalization, multilingualism and inclusiveness, three cornerstones of our policy in the Ministry. I must mention here the close collaboration of one of my departments, the General Directorate of Universities and Research with the European Research Project, EVALUATE, led the University of León. The symbiosis between research and policy making will be an important issue to be developed in the drafting of a document that will be drawn next year by a working group of the Ministry of Education, and that will be sent to the Central Ministry of Education in Madrid to be taken into account in the next State Agreement on Education.”