Where does this project receive funding?
Erasmus+ KA3 (EACEA/34/2015): Priority 3 – Strengthening teacher training and education by using the opportunities of new technologies (School education)

Who is the lead researcher?
Robert O’Dowd, University of León, Spain

What is a European Policy Experiment?
European policy experimentations help to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, potential impact and scalability of innovative policy measures through experimental or semi-experimental approaches. Three key actors in European policy experimentations are: the responsible public authorities, the researchers and the target groups.

What will the EVALUATE project do?
This European Policy Experimentation will evaluate the impact of telecollaborative learning on student-teachers involved in Initial Teacher Education in the participating European countries and regions. Telecollaboration, also commonly known as Virtual Exchange, involves engaging trainee teachers involved in Initial Teacher Education in task-based interaction and collaborative exchange with fellow trainees in other locations through online communication technologies.

EVALUATE kick off meeting 2017

What is the guiding research question for the study?
“Will participation in telecollaborative exchange contribute to the development of competences which future teachers need to teach, collaborate and innovate effectively in a digitalised and cosmopolitan world?”

The specific research questions are:
Will telecollaboration have a positive impact on future teachers’ digital-pedagogical competence?
Will telecollaboration have a positive impact on future teachers’ intercultural competence?
Will telecollaboration have a positive impact on future teachers’ foreign language competence?
How do socio-institutional factors in each of the participating countries shape and affect the impact of telecollaboration in ITE?
How will we carry out the study?
Our study is a randomized field trial involving 400 student-teachers studying at five Initial Teacher Training institutions in Spain (2 institutions), Germany, Hungary and Portugal. These students will be taking courses in teaching methodology at their respective institutions.
What is the timeline of the project?
Start date: February 2017
Completion date: October 2019

How much funding has been awarded?
€ 453.376,00

Where can I get more information or find out how I can get involved in the project?