This page is regularly updated with the dissemination activities and the publications of the EVALUATE project.

EVALUATE is running four regional workshops on Virtual Exchange in Initial Teacher Education in Spain, Germany, Hungary and Portugal over the coming months. The Spanish workshop took place in collaboration with the CRUE (Conference of Spanish Rectors) in November 2018. This will be followed by the German workshop in karlsruhe on 18 January 2019.

Presenting EVALUATE to international officers and vicerectors of Spanish universities.

EVALUATE have published a Report for ministries and policy makers which introduces Virtual Exchange and outlines the initial findings of our European Project Experiment. A German version of EVALUATE findings is also available. A Spanish version of our report has just been published as well.

Watch this short animated video which explains how Virtual Exchange works in Initial Teacher Education and how EVALUATE carried out its exchange programme.

The EVALUATE project team have published Teacher Training Manual for teachers and Task_sequences which teacher trainers can use in their telecollaborative projects with their students. These are now being trialled and used in our activities.

The EVALUATE team presented its progress with their European Policy Experiment looking at the impact of Virtual Exchange on over 30 international partnerships at the UNICollaboration conference in Krakow, Poland recently. You can find the powerpoints describing the pedagogical approach and the research methodology used as well as the initial findings on its impact on intercultural competence and digial competence here.

The project was presented and discussed by Robert O’Dowd at the 24th ICC Annual Conference in 2017, Graz – ICC. The presentation slides are available here.

View a Google Slides Presentation which provides a brief overview of the project.

Follow the project’s work on Twitter.

View the project’s profile page on Google plus.

View the UNICollaboration website with resources for teacher-trainers interested in telecollaboration and Virtual Exchange.

EVALUATE’s kick-off meeting was reported on in the local Spanish press. You can see some articles on the websites of ileon and Leonnoticias.

The progress we are making in the project is now being presented at various academic conferences. The EVALUATE Presentation by Francesca Helm, Mirjam Hauck and Sarah Guth at Eurocall 2017 can be seen here.